Coding classes for kids offered by Margot Schubert





Many stations along my career have led me to my current profession. I have long experience in teaching classes about software for the fashion industry to adults. In various positions I have lived and worked around the world.


While teaching users how to use the software packages efficiently, I became more in more interested in coding myself. I soon realized that I really enjoy the understanding of computer code, and I grew more and more confident about my abilities. When I started to code with my own kids, I noticed that it was an activity where we all had much fun together. I therefore decided to start teaching coding to elementary schoold kids. In my coding classes I want to convey that coding is a creative process, where kids learn along the way structured and logical thinking.


In teaching kids to code I want to make a small contribution in enabling our kids to build up a toolkit that will help them in the future to keep our world a place that is worth living in.